Gavin Turk at Brookgate offices

Three guided bicycle rides for the local community will take place in June and July, curated and led by renowned artist Gavin Turk in partnership with Brookgate.

Internationally renowned British Artist, Gavin Turk, has designed a fleet of colourful, striped bicycles inspired by his work around mobile art. So as to take these art bikes for a spin, he has outlined a route taking in a selection of the Cambridge's public sculptures. During the ticketed event, the artist will stop to reflect on each work, encouraging the participants to engage in conversation about the art.

These rides encourage Cambridge to see the public art that surrounds us every day with fresh eyes, and by joining the ride, you will participating in a mobile art event. Cambridge-born artist Adam Dant has drawn a map of the route, which is also available for cyclists to follow in their own time after the official rides led by Gavin Turk.

Brookgate has commissioned Gavin Turk as part of the developer’s commitment to investing in culture along with the ongoing delivery of the CB1 development.

Sven Topel, Chief Executive at Brookgate said: “This is a great opportunity to be part of a spectacular art event in Cambridge and to stop and appreciate the fantastic public art in the City. Gavin will give real insight into the sculptures that surround us, but that we might not notice day to day. I’m looking forward to seeing the community come together; the fleet of bicycles should be an impressive sight! After the three bike rides Adam Dant’s fantastic map will be available widely, allowing Cambridge residents and visitors to jump on a bike and explore Gavin’s carefully chosen route.”

This is the first initiative in the partnership between Gavin Turk and Brookgate, which includes a commission for a new sculpture for Station Square in the future.

The rides will take place on the 10th and 24th June, and the 8th July.

To get your hands on one of the limited number of tickets for the rides, please visit:

Join the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #GavinTurkCB1


“Ride a bike, become an artwork and take a tour of ‘hidden’ sculptures and points of special interest around Cambridge.” Gavin Turk.

Gavin Turk tour